What is makeup anyway?

I’m writing this blog post for makeup beginners who wants to learn makeup from the basics. Makeup is enhancing your natural beauty with the products and cosmetics that are available in the market. When we were school kids, I bet every girl would have used at least a kajal or an eyeliner. Almost all the Indian women use Kajal on everyday basis even before they start learning makeup. Maybe because kajal is widely available in India, maybe they learnt it from their mother/grandmother but kajal remains to be a basic makeup product that every indian women use.

I used the kajal example for easy understanding of what makeup is. Why do u think they use kajal? Of course, to enhance the beauty of their eyes. It gives a more fresh and bright look to their eyes.toxic-makeup-2-537x402

When you take a look at the cosmetics that are available in the market today, it might be confusing for the beginners that which is used for what. When I was a beginner I used to wonder what these are and how to use them. Not only makeup products but also skincare products. A lot and lot of products are available today in the market and we have to choose them based on our skin type, our complexion and most importantly, our budget :p.

Why do we need makeup? Well, All of us are not gifted with a flawless skin and almost everyone has flaws in their skin irrespective of their complexion and skin type. In order to cover these flaws in our face and to enhance our beauty, we apply makeup. Some people have a wrong perception about makeup that it is used to whiten your face. Its so not true. Some people end up with white face because they have used a foundation thats a shade lighter than their skin color. Makeup is only used to enhance your beauty and we are supposed to choose products that matches our skin color. Please do not choose a lighter foundation just because you want to look more fair, that will not add even 1% to your beauty.

This is my first blog post, so I wanted to keep it simple( I meant the information, sorry if you find it lengthy :p). And I’m writing this for makeup beginners. I will write more about makeup and skincare in my upcoming blog posts. Please leave a comment below if u have any queries or drop me an e-mail at senoritablogg@gmail.com

Note: I do not own the above pic. It has been taken from google images.


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