Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer: Buff – Review

Concealers are woman’s best friends. They are used to cover blemishes, dark spots and under eye circles. However, a highlighting concealer cannot be used in that way. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch was my very first concealer and at that time I had no idea what a highlighting concealer means. In today’s post I’ll be sharing my experience with this concealer.


Price: Rs.600/-

Shelf Life: 3 years.

Shade: Buff Chamois

I bought it for 400 INR a couple of years back.


My Experience with Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer:

It comes with a pen like packaging with a brush on the tip. It is transparent at the centre where you can see how much concealer is used. It has a one way twist up at the bottom to take the product out. Everytime twist it for 5 to 6 times and you have no control over how much product comes out. The texture is really creamy and easy to blend.

Buying this shade was the biggest regret of my life. I believe that they have around 6 shades and I think none of them will suit Indian skintone except for the shade honey. I’ve ready mixed reviews about the last shade honey.But I have the medium shade ‘Buff’ and it gives a ghostly white look after application.

IMG_20160327_120750 (2)

If you want a concealer that hides your imperfections like blemishes, this is not the right one for you. It only highlights them. It can be best used as a highlighter on your cheek bones and bridge of the nose. I think it has some very tiny shimmer particles which is not visible but gives a good glow on the cheeks.

The packaging is such a disaster. You can see it from the picture that almost half of the product is in my cap. Being such a light shade, I only need a tiny amount of concealer but I have no control over how much product comes out. There is too much of product wastage.

IMG_20160327_120823 (2)


IMG_20160327_121042 (2).jpg

IMG_20160327_121125 (2)
Not completely blended. It is pretty much visible that it has pink undertones and too light for me

Overall its a good highlighter, used to highlight cheekbones, brow bone, cupids bow and bridge of the nose. You can also use it for your under eyes although I would suggest you to go for the shade ‘Honey’ which is the darkest among all.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Please do share your thoughts if you have tried Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer: Buff – Review

  1. Tried and love it but of course it is meant to be a highlighting concealer and works like you say as a simple highlighter as well. I’ve been lucky no disaster with the packaging or twisting up of the product. Always got the right amount.

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  2. I have this in the shade honey. Thankfully there was no twisting disaster with me as I really had a bad experience with colorbar twisting pen highlighter. I purchased it and It was broken from inside. I used this maybelline lumi touch highlighting conceler quite long and it worked great for me. Now I have moved on to fit me concealer.

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  3. I have used this one but I really liked it! Its sad that everything( from packaging to the shade) went wrong for you! Maybe you should try the shade honey and I had no issues with the packaging too. It does not work well is concealing my blemishes but is great for the under eye area where I need some brightening!

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    • Ya because of the shade, everything went wrong for me. Problem is, I require only a tiny amount of product since it’s a light shade but I end up with more product on the brush and that’s how half of the product is on the cap. But I love it’s texture, I’ll definitely pick the honey shade next time!


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