Lakme Insta Liner Review

Hi Everyone!!

I’m back with another product review. Lakme Insta Liner was my very first eyeliner and I still am using it. In between I switched to pencil kohls but I feel that this one suits for my everyday use. So lets move to the review.


Price: Rs.80


Lakme insta liner comes with the traditional eyeliner packaging which is a tiny 9ml bottle and a sleek brush applicator. It is quite easy to draw a thin or thick line on your upper lash-line using this applicator. I generally prefer drawing a thin line close to my upper lash line.



Lakme Insta Liner comes in only one shade. It is a deep black colored eyeliner which makes your eyes look bold and gives good definition.


The pigmentation is really good for this price. Lining in one stroke itself gives me a good coverage. I don’t go over it unless i need a pretty thick line or to adjust the line.


It has a liquid consistency but quite runny actually. It does stays on my eyes but it  runs from my inner corner of my eyes to the eyeball and makes my eye burn 😦 This is the one thing I’m not satisfied with this product actually. It doesn’t dry faster either. It needs at least a minute to dry.


Staying Power:

The staying power is really good for this price. I find it stays on my eyes for more than 6 hours without rubbing it. It does smudge if I rub it accidently. Coming to the claim- water resistant, it doesn’t go off when you apply water over it but it does go off wen you rub it with water.

IMG_2065 (3).jpg


  • Affordable
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Nice pigmentation and the shade is deep black for the given price.
  • Staying power is good.
  • Easy to remove it.


  • Gets into my eyes from inner corner and making it burn
  • Doesn’t dry faster
  • Smudges when you rub it.
  • Not a complete water resistant. It does go off when you rub it wit water.

Overall Rating: 3.75/5


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