Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal: Review

I needed a change from Maybelline Colossal Kajal and the Lakme Eyeconic. When I saw this adorable red colored beauty at the store, I instantly grabbed it. This is my very first product from the brand Faces Canada. I’ve used it and loved it enough and I think its time to share my experience with this product.

Price: Rs.175/-


Packaging: The packaging is quite similar to the other Kajals in the market but it is in red and attractive. It is a twist up and down Kohl pencil like the Maybelline ones. The cap shuts with a click and the product is comfortable to carry in your bag.The packaging grabs the attention instantly and one would definitely want to try it out because no one used a red kajal pencil before. It is quite eye catching.

IMG_2190.jpg  IMG_2189.jpg

Texture: The texture is so smooth and creamy and definitely better than the Maybelline Colossal or the Lakme one. I was awe struck when I first used the kajal. It glides smoothly on the waterline and one can effortlessly line even the upper lashline.

Pigmentation: Only one swipe is enough to get the black shade on eyes. It is jet black in color and I was really surprised to see it. It is the most pigmented kajal I’ve ever used. I thought Lakme Eyeconic was the best but this one beats it. And it is cheaper than the other Kajals.

Staying Power: It stays for around 7 hours on my eyes after which it slightly smudges. It is a smudge proof and water proof Kajal. But after 7 hours the intensity of the color slightly fades and starts smudging a little. Only a little and it does not smudges like crazy.






  • Attractive Packaging
  • Texture is smooth and glides effortlessly
  • Good Pigmentation
  • Jet black in color
  • Water Proof & Smudge Proof
  • Long Staying Power
  • Cheaper than the other Kajals in the market.


  • It slightly smudges after 7 hours

Overall Verdict: It is the most pigmented Kajal with an affordable price range. Has a smooth texture and good color pay off. Smudge proof and water proof and stays on for about 7 hours. Pigmentation is just awesome. For the given price, the product is definitely a steal!

Have you used Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal? Do share your thoughts about this product in the comments section below!


9 thoughts on “Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal: Review

    • You mean the Lakme Eyconic Kajal? I was using it earlier and loved it too. It was good compared to the Maybelline Colossal. But this Faces one is definitely better than Lakme. I haven’t tried the Eyeconic 22 hrs version though..


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